Potassium sulfate contains two essential elements of potassium and sulfur for plant growth, which are used as fertilizer in various powder and granular forms in various industries such as agriculture. Due to its high solubility, this compound can be used in the time before planting crops or with urea fertilizer as a way to improve the growth and quality of agricultural products.

Potassium is one of the key substances for plants that plays an important role in making proteins, starches and sugars, increasing the activity of enzymes, increasing photosynthesis, controlling the flow of water passing through the plant.

Due to the small particle diameter of this fertilizer, quality spraying and better results occur on plants. This substance is used in different doses, which prevents the accumulation of excess potassium in the plant and also prevents damage caused by salinity of chlorine-containing salts.

This substance is mainly used to improve the production of products such as wheat, corn, cotton, alfalfa and peanuts. Potassium uptake time varies in different plants. However, most plants absorb their potassium in the early stages of growth, so the best time to apply potassium sulfate fertilizer is when planting or in the early stages of growth.

Experiments on corn have shown that 70 to 80% of potassium is absorbed during maturation and flowering and 100% of potassium is absorbed in three to four weeks after flowering.